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"We had a long distance move and it took awhile to get to this review. Craig sold our home in 9/17, but I wouldn't feel right not doing a review for an OUTSTANDING realtor. Some of his outstanding qualities: 1) He stays in touch and updates you frequently. 2) Although home pricing is not an exact science he researches pricing very well. He gave us a realistic range. A competing Realtor who we spoke to said they could sell the house quickly, but in hindsight really seemed to undercut asking price. And this was when the housing market was in a feeding frenzy. 3) House sold quickly. Within 3-4 weeks. 4) Craig uses technology to your benefit. Videographer and websites showing our home were excellent. None of those dark murky pictures or videos. 5) If you are willing to let Craig give you gentle constructive criticism about your home, do it. He knows what people want and what they look at. When you live somewhere for a long time you just don't see the things that changing would benefit your home sale."

-Paula McKee


“I would recommend Craig to anyone who is selling a house. He is very honest and loyal. I've had many realtors listing my property for sale over the years and none of them did the work that Craig did for me. Even though the buyers were a nightmare on this property, Craig stood by me as a seller and didn't force me into anything to please the buyers just to sell the house. He worked with me to get what was fair for me and that is just what he did. He treats people the way he would want to be treated not only as a person but as a buyer or seller. If I ever sell or buy again, I will definitely hire Craig to stand by me as my Realtor.”


-Diane, formerly of Bethlehem PA



“Craig was AWESOME to work with. He always stays in touch via email, text or phone call. He keeps you abreast of everything that is happening. I had dealt with other realtors who have you sign a contract and you have to constantly chase after them to find out what's going on. With Craig it's not just about the commission. He's truly concerned about his clients and will work hard to make the best deal for them. He was with us every step of the way with the sale of our home. I highly recommend Craig to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home.”


-Jack, Lower Macungie PA



“Craig became our Realtor because he went out of his way to inquire about our off-market home for his clients who were in search of a property. This extra effort stood out to us as the type of Realtor we wanted to work for us. Someone who wouldn’t just wait for us to find a house to look at, someone who would look beyond the current listings, beyond a limited area, beyond a cookie cutter expectation of what we were looking for. He knew what we were looking for, but also knew that sometimes you find what you’re looking for in unexpected places. He made recommendations and reviewed (and RE-reviewed) listings. He was very patient with the dozens of houses we looked at and reassured us that he was with us throughout the process until we found a home. We have recommended Craig to others we know and have praised him every time we tell our “home sale and purchase” story…And it was a long story. With a happy ending!”


-Jenn, Whitehall PA



“Craig was very patient with us throughout the process. It took us almost 9 months of home searching. We saw more than 50 houses and some houses more than ones. Craig always gave an objective opinion about the houses, whether he thinks it is worth it or not. He never failed to lead us on no-pressure home tours in our search process. He also collaborate with us regarding financing considerations as we got more serious, representing our interests in the offer and negotiation process, and finally leading us through the closing process. He performed all of those services with comprehensive knowledge and immediate responsiveness. We are so happy that we found Craig and very highly recommending Craig to other home buyers.”


-Vijay, Lower Macungie PA



“Craig was absolutely phenomenal. We moved to Pennsylvania and had absolutely no idea what areas were good to live in or not, what we wanted in a home, or how to go about searching for options. This is where Craig came in, and he was great. Not only did he find us our home we live in now (which we love!), but he found us so many other great options and truly listened to what we had to say. He was very much our advocate through the whole process and was there for us every step of the way. He communicated very well with us, always addressed our concerns, and did everything in his power to help us. Craig really was there for us in a time of stress, and I am so grateful we met him.”


-Katrina, Coopersburg PA



Craig was extremely thorough and dedicated to the process of our home buying and selling experience. Highly recommend him to anyone I know including one of my closest friends.


-Gregg, Whitehall PA



“We found Craig to be very clear in his explanations of the selling processes we went through and was generous with his time. I feel he went above and beyond the call of duty, for which we are grateful. All in all it was a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”


-Mary & Jim, South Whitehall PA “My daughter moved from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania to go to nursing school. Craig had to take an inexperienced young lady around and show properties, and also protect my interests long distance. He handled our transaction with the highest professionalism, integrity, diligence, and patience. His knowledge of the local area and local housing market was a tremendous asset. We eventually purchased a home in a new development, and he even negotiated us a better price with the builder! He was present with my daughter for all the inspections and contract executions. He even helped her getting set up with utilities, mail, and even a dentist! I can't say enough about how well taken care of we felt. As a mortgage banker here in Los Angeles I deal with many Realtors on a monthly basis, and Craig is definitely one of the better ones! I HIGHLY recommend Craig.”


-Eric, Los Angeles CA



“Craig took the time to really listen to what we said and asked questions back to us to make sure he really understood. He could paint a picture so vivid and so accurate you we he saw what we were thinking. In this day and age society is all about communication. There wasn’t a moment that I ever felt Craig didn’t respond in time. And I can’t stress how much that meant to me personally that he took the time and gave me back the information I needed when we needed it. To any serious buyers or sellers, reach out to Craig. Tell him a little about your story. You might be surprised what he can do for you. The more you share with him, the more you’ll get in return. He listened to us, and I know he’ll listen to you too. I’ve purchased four homes over the past eighteen years, and this was by far the best experience, and I attribute that to Craig’s attention to detail. He honestly cares about what he does. Craig was in our corner and should be in yours too.”


-Ken, Schnecksville PA



“Craig spent time getting to know me, my situation and my property in detail. Whether it was questions about the selling process or an "I'm worried there's been no sale" phone call he had time to listen, educate and reassure me. At no time did I feel rushed or put off in favor of another client or issue. When my house sold in June of 2015 it was a direct result of a cordial discussion Craig had with a fellow realtor following a previous showing of the property two months earlier. Craig made the extra effort that sold my house. I cannot recommend him more highly. Thank you Craig!”


-Teresa, formerly of Allentown PA

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